Numerous installations critical to the Department of Defense and NASA offer government expertise and provide a business ecosystem that supports private-sector business partnerships as well as entrepreneurial opportunities. But beyond governments, organizations and companies, the region serves as an epicenter of innovation, exploration and discovery.

Image - Airbus H-7079


Airbus plane on runway
MS, AL, FL, and AR state outlines

Regional Aerospace Assets

The capabilities are here. The potential is outstanding.

For more than one hundred years, the region has been core to the nation’s aviation and aerospace growth across defense-related assets and private-sector innovation and growth. Every major global aviation/aerospace company has significant operations in the Aerospace Alliance region supported by a robust supply chain.


Regional Profile

In today’s economy, the single most important point of competitiveness is a company’s workforce; nothing is more important to its success. The Aerospace Alliance states have a deep supply of aerospace professionals in all industry skill sets. In addition, the states’ pro-business climate has spawned hundreds of aerospace entrepreneurs further enriching and supporting the growth of the industry across the region.



2019 Aerospace Alliance Annual Summit

As the Aerospace Alliance begins its 10th year, its annual Summit provides a forum to understand and discuss the future for aerospace considering imminent changes across all aspects of the industry. Hosted by the states of Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida, the Summit features presentations, panels and discussion centered on subjects shaping aerospace today and into the next decade.