Annual Summit

Each year, the Aerospace Alliance brings together industry leaders, economic developers and government officials for its annual summit.

The summit, which takes place in the fall and in one of the member states, focuses on advancements in innovation and technological developments in all sectors of the aviation, aerospace and space exploration industries. Known for insightful and strategic discussions from executives and state leaders on subjects shaping industry today, the summit offers a range of expertise in the ever-expanding cluster. Speakers from past summits include the following well-renowned aerospace and aviation leaders:

  • Scott Weintraub
    Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Modularity Space
  • Angela Albritton
    Director of Military Relations Strategic Initiatives, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  • John Shannon
    Vice President & Program Manager, Boeing’s Space Launch System (SLS)
  • Azryana Campbell Soto
    Co-founder and Operations Manager at Sensatek
“Working together for more than a decade has allowed the Alliance to advance the aviation, aerospace and space exploration clusters in the region. The Summit is a showcase for these efforts. It brings together state leaders with industry executives to debate, analyze and learn how to continue to be competitive in these dynamic and evolving industries.”
- John Rounsaville, Aerospace Alliance Chair, Director, Mississippi Development Authority


The event would not be possible without the ongoing support of our sponsors including Florida Power & Light, Space Florida, Boeing, Leonardo DRS, Haskell, Lockheed Martin, KPMG and more.

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